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Searching for treasure

In the things that you threw

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Birthdate:Mar 30
Location:United States of America
Hi. i'm Amy. And i'm here. Yay. Aren't you lucky?

i like a lot of various shit. See the interest list for more details. i'm okay with friends, i guess. But you have to be able to deal with weird shit. And you also would have to like cheese. What the hell. Why not? :P

Actually, if you want to add me, it'd be nice to have a PM first. There'll be an access locked post in my journal with all the shit I am and what you'll have to deal with. i'm tired of compromising who i am.

Orange background with a spinning CD and music notes to the right, and text to the left, mirrored and bleeding blue on silver: I wanna rock! Border is orange and yellow.
Made by [personal profile] miks_graphics.

Also, i like music. i am made of music. Of all kinds. And if you're one of those people who doesn't like any music at all, we might not get along, because i do gush about it sometimes, or post my thoughts on songs i like or post youtubes of what songs i've found that week. Then again, always okay to skip those posts.

Interests (105):

ac/dc, aerosmith, anywhere but home, aqua, arbok, baby griffins, band posters, being a voice of reason, being compassionate, being kind, being myself, being there, broadcasting, bubblegum, canned heat, cats, cheap-ass jewelry, cheese, cheesey b movies, chilling on the sofa, chocolate, cloud cult, cocoa puffs, cooking, cover songs that don't suck, creative writing, dashboard confessional, denim jackets, down with webster, dreaming big, embroidery, fiction, fleetwood mac, food, freezepop, friends as housemates, games with kickass soundtracks, giant fucking snakes, glitter, glittery makeup, glow-in-the-dark things, glowsticks, good charlotte, green tambourine, greenday, hugs, ice cream, iron-on patches, iron-on transfers, itunes, learning new things, legalization of marijuana, leonard cohen, looking at art, looking for treasure, making an impression, making like-minded friends, making playlists, memes, mika, modern music, mood rings, multiplicity, music, my little pony, not capitalizing the word i, not homework, otter pops, painting my nails odd colors, pancakes, patches, plastic stars, plurality, pokemon, pop, radio, random shit, recorded media, reptiles, rock, roommates, saturday morning cartoons, schadenfreude, small rebellions, speaking my mind, talula gosh, the all-american rejects, the beatles, the cult, the descendants, the eighties, the hooters, the magnetic fields, the new pornographers, the who, tiger trap, tullycraft, used cds, vampire weekend, video game music, wall art, watching artists work, writing, xkcd, ys
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